List related research topics:

Current Ongoing Projects (Incomplete):

Humanoid robot drives a scooter (Under development)

Humanoid robot drives a Gogoro scooter to get into the real test and license.

Visual Speed Estimation on Driving Scooter 

Speed detection based on fusion of ORB SLAM3 and YOLO.

DRL to Balance a Ball (Sim-to-Real is Under development) 

In this project, an upper-body humanoid robot runs a complex control task.

Dual-arm Humanoid robot (Under development) 

In this project an Upper Body humanoid robot to run different  projects including:

Humanoid Robot Balance Control with DRL
(Under development) 

DRL project to balance on the Bongo Board.

Bird leg like Robot Development
(Under development)

Designing a new mechanics of robot and training walk gate based on a DRL algorithm.

Autonomous Car Control

In this project an autonomous car drives on the test road using its mounted sensors. The project is in two approaches as DRL in simulation (Isaac gym) and physical robot control.

Cooperative Learning for Manufacturing Tasks (Under development)

Cooperative learning algorithms using Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for manufacturing tasks with muti-robot systems.

Former Projects List:

Humanoid Robot Drags Heavy Objects with DRL

In this project an adult-sized Humanoid robot drags different objects including heavy objects.

Humanoid Robot Types with Keyboard with DRL

Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm to drag and type with a keyboard autonomously.

Humanoid Robot Archery

Humanoid robot shoots target five meters away autonomously.

Magic Show for Coin Magic

IROS 2019, 1st place, magic with upper body. 

HAC 2020 Team Robot Houdini 

DRL project to balance on the Bongo Board.

Dr. Eureka Open Loop Control

Humanoid robot playing board game - Dr. Eureka

Hexapod Balancing Ball (PPO)

Hexapod trying to balance the ball to the center using advanced PPO algorithm.

FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2018 - Kid Size HuroCup

Human like sport skills demonstration in competition (all autonomous).

Magic Show for Nail Magic

The humanoid robot selects the bag with the nail.

Magic Show - to find the card you choose

Find the card chosen by the volunteer.