Robots and Awards

Robots in The lab

Thormang3 full body robot

Humanoid robot riding E-scooter project

Thormang Upper body

Bird house building and Magic show

Self-Balancing Dual-arm Robot

Advanced Deep Reinforcement Learning and SLAM applications 

Autonomous Car

FIRA competition, Autonomous driving cars.


Reinforcement learning and balance control projects

Multiple Darwin OP3 robots

FIRA competition, Robot motion planning, Robot trajectory tracking, SLAM .

Multiple Upgraded Darwin OP2 robots

FIRA competition, Robot motion planning, cooperative robot project. 

Latest Awards:

2024, FIRA HuroCup Kid-Sized:

2023, FIRA HuroCup Kid-Sized:

2022, FIRA HuroCup Adult-Sized and Kid-Sized:

 FIRA 2022 


HuroCup Adult- Sized 

2nd place  

FIRA 2022 

All Round 

HuroCup Kid-Sized, 2nd place  

FIRA 2022 Basketball

HuroCup Kid-Sized

   3rd place

Awards Summary Until 2022